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While Artist Johnny ‘KMNDZ’ Rodriguez is best known for his compelling paintings, he has recently been customizing toys and enjoying the process, perhaps more than he first expected. Inspired by the experience of painting on platform toys, he’s put together ‘One of One’, a group custom show with an impressive roster of artists, many of whom are accomplished painters or street artists who have either never customized toy or done so only in passing

Dates & Addresses[edit]

June 14 2014 - da Gallery, 252 D South Main Street, Pomona, CA 91766

The Artists[edit]

64 Colors, Alice Yeh, Angry Woebots, April Elliot, Attaboy, Axis, AX2, Blamo, Bob Dob, Bryn Perott, Camille Rose Garcia, Catcult, Cikcuk, Codak, Defer, DrilOne, Ekundayo, Elizabeth McGrath, Erik Siador, Fr Bill Moore SS CC, Gabbie Custom Art, Germs, Graham Curran, Gris Grimly, Jill Ricci, Joe Scarano, Jophen Stein, Juan Thorp, Kingsley, KMNDZ, Leecifer, Marco Zamora, Mari Inukai, Max Kauffman, Mike Maxwell, Miss Mindy, NC Winters, Paris, Phidias Gold, Rick O'Brien, Rusty Jordan, Spankystokes, Spencer Hansen, Super Cooper Berella, TAG, Tasha Zimich, Terror Visual 1984, The French Fury, Tom Pathe, Urban Medium, Yoskay Yamamoto