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Nucleus proudly presents, The Power in Numbers Show, a one week event on behalf of the Red Cross. This show presents a wide variety of new and original art by over 100 artists. The artists will be creating on a strict 4” x 6” postcard format using any desired medium they choose on a two dimensional surface. Buyers will be able to “pick and grab”, taking their purchases immediately after they have been made. All artwork will be marked at exactly $100. Artists may submit up to 4 pieces giving nearly all collectors a chance to take home something.

Dates & Addresses[edit]

June 17th - June 24th 2006 - Gallery Nucleus, 210 East Main St, Alhambra CA 91801

The Artists[edit]

Aaron Jasinski, Adam Greeley, Alayna Magnan, Albert Chow, Alex Fuentes, Amy Kim Ganter, Andrea Offermann, Andrew Bell, Andy Kehoe, Anna Chambers, Anna Woltz, Annie Owens Attaboy, Ben Horton, Blinky, Brendan Monroe, Brian Morris, Brianne Drouhard, Cameron Tiede, Catia Chien, Christian L Scheurer, Christin Ciaccio, Christine Hwang, Chet Zar, Chu-Hui Song, Clio Chiang, Crystal YinDaisuke Tsutsumi, Daniel Lim, Dan Santat, Darren Quach, Dave Bondi, Debbie Huey, Edwin Ushiro, Emma Goo, Eric Radomsk, Fiel Valdez, Francesco LoCastro, Freeman Wang, Frohawk Two Feathers, Greg Storey, Heather Chavez, Irineo Maramba, Israel Sanchez, Jacob Magraw, Jaime Zollars, Jay Baker, Jeana Sohn, Jenny Gase-Baker, Jessi Dore Lawson, Jim Hsieh, Joe Healy, Johnny Rodriguez, John Pham, Jon Han, Jon Sukarangsan, Jophen Stein, Josie Trinidad, Julie Nishioka, Julie West, Justin Ridge, Julio Stanley Flores, Karyn Raz, Kazu Kibuishi, Kean Soo, Kelly Chan, Kelly Tunstall, Kendra Boggs, Kerry Horvath,Lark Pien, Lee White, Lesley Reppeteaux, Lola Gil, Maria Go, Mari Araki, Mari Inukai, Michael Brown, Michel Gagné, Miss Mindy, Nakanari, Nanospore, Nathalie Roland, Nathan Spoor, Nick Jeong, Nicolas Marlet, Oscar Guzman, Pamela Henderson, Patrick Morgan, Patrick Williams, Paul Briggs, Pete Oswald, Peter Vattanatham, Rad Sechrist, Richard Pose, Robh Ruppel, Rob Schwager, Robert Kondo, Ronald Kurniawan, Ronald Llanos, Ryan Delahoz, Saelee Oh, Skye Hwang, Stef Choi, Sunni Han, Suzanne Husky, Thomas Han, Tragnark, Wilson Hsu, Wilson Swain, Yoko Tanaka, Yuri Hasegawa