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Gallery 1988 in partnership with Mattel presents Toys opening on Tuesday, April 1st 2008. While video games are all the rage now, way back when kids collected, hoarded and raced die cast cars they kept in shoe boxes. Celebrating the 40th Anniversary of Hot Wheels, Mattel provided each artist with a large 9" x 5" Hot Wheels Toy Van for customization.

Date & Address[edit]

April 1st 2008 - Gallery 1988, 7020 Melrose Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90038

The Artists[edit]

PlasticGod, Matt Dangler, Bwana Spoons, Greg Simkins, Tokidoki, Kii Arens, Jeff McMillan, MAD, Reuben Rude, Kathie Olivas & Brandt Peters, The Chung, Mark Bodnar, Cameron Tiede, Attaboy, Jeremyville, Jon Burgerman & Stu Witter, Mike Rapaport, Blinky, Bil Betsovic, Noferin, Ken Keirns, AXIS, Stone, Martin Ontiveros, Peekaboo, Annie Owens, Angry Woebots, Dave Pressler, Kristi Gushiken, Ken Garduno, Joey Wu, Motorbot, Jesse Hernandez, Le Merde, Marka, Kano, Jason Limon, 2cents, Max Grundy, Roman Cortez, Jenn Lobo, El Maz