Bossy Bear

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Bossy Bear can be all yours, unless of course he reverses the roles. Created by David Horvath and produced by Toy2r, this pushy little bear wants everything HIS way, and he wants it NOW! Based off the title character from Horvath's first foray into children's literature, Bossy Bear is a demanding little bundle of vinyl fun. It's always 'Mine, mine, mine' with Bossy Bear, but if things don't go as planned you can surely expect a tantrum. Look out for limited edition Bossy Bear eye variations!



  • Blue
  • Yellow - TTF'09, 300 pieces
  • Just Bossy Bear Blue
  • Just Bossy Bear Blue Raspberry
  • Just Bossy Bear Blue Sleepy eyes
  • Just Bossy Bear Black
  • Just Bossy Bear Pink
  • Just Bossy Bear Green
  • Just Bossy Bear Orange
  • Milk & Cookies Xmas'09 - Red
  • Milk & Cookies Xmas'09 - Green
  • King Bossy Bear - flocked white
  • Bissy Bear - Pink

5" Kaiju[edit]

  • Strange Beast Pink
  • Strange Beast Blue
  • Day Stomp
  • Night Stomp
  • Vintage Hong Kong
  • Toxic Stomp

Other Sizes[edit]

  • 12" Blue


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