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BYTEDUST was a creative initiative mainly inspired by urban life, street art, designer-toys, music and personal interests like biochemics and biology.

Dennis' (Bytedust) passion for designing started in 2002. He set up an individual design project with ‘Hazchem‘ (Hazardous Chemicals) as main theme and created black and white designs for T-shirts and street art stickers. Appreciating other artwork and visiting freetekno parties in the Netherlands a personal interpretation about street art gradually developed into Bytedust.

Through message boards on the internet Dennis came into contact with other artists creating stickers. He enjoyed getting involved in design contests and collaborations and more of my designs were printed on clothing, stickers and posters. By trading, his stickers ended up at many different places all over the world.

Besides sticker art Dennis Douven was also very passionate about designer toys (art toys). These highly collectible, but limited numbered toys, designed by (famous) artists, encouraged him to get one of my 2D characters transformed into a 3D figure. The result was Cloud-X, Hazmate and other exclusive handmade plush toys, which showed up in (online)shops, websites, art shows and magazines worldwide.

Because of his enthusiasm in designing Dennis set up an one-man business in Visual Art en Design. Creating innovative designs for companies, museums or other organizations that were looking for fresh and different design work.

Sadly Dennis passed away in January 2013.

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